The best cryptocurrency today, October 22, 2019

In this article, 1 cryptocurrency or token, with a maximum percentage growth in price in 24 hours and 7 days;


The AIDUS platform represents the stock market, which is NOT centrally managed, created on the Ethereum network, to manage the assets of network users, in which investors and financial companies using Blockchain and SMART Contracts can safely and transparently make transactions between partners of this network using technology P2P.

Какую крипту надо было купить вчера, 22-10-2019

  • AIDUS TOKEN, AID-21-10-2019 increased in price over 24 hours by 142.84%
  • Today the price is 1 AID= 0.009165
  • You can buy AID on the crypto exchange: digifinex

The best cryptocurrency of the week

ATBweek-22-10-2019 increased in price over 7 days by 190.08%

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