OneCoin is added to the IMF currency basket

The article was prepared based on the popular Medium service 24 Jun 2018 (the link to the page is not correct), author Tapanee Johnston refers to The Wall Street Journal. There is a link to the publication, and whether or not to believe in this information decide for yourself.

Perhaps it was fake information, which was forced to remove from the portal Medium. Well, you can not just refer to IMF or The Wall Street Journal, in such an important statement you need a link to the source. You can see the cached page, that is, the one that Google stored on this link (not correct). And the screen shows that this page was:

The IMF officially opened a “hot” action on the adoption of the Bulgarian OneCoin cryptocurrency in its currency basket.

This is one of the most important events, which is aimed at changing the US dollar as the world’s main reserve currency. According to experts, this announcement of the International Monetary Fund can significantly affect the financial picture of the world.

The IMF is one of the most influential financial organizations in the world, which controls the financial status of 185 countries around the world. Some experts warn that such a move by the IMF to oust the US dollar could be catastrophic for US investment. And the IMF took this first step, let’s see how events will develop …

In IMF history, this is the first time that the fund has expanded the number of currencies in a basket of foreign currency. This means that OneCoin will become a viable global alternative to the US dollar. Therefore, if you want to protect your savings – withdraw your money from investments in US dollars into one asset class that grows as the currencies collapse.

Updated 08-23-2019

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