Important information for Onelife partners 11/28/2019


Onelife Information is not official, but I (the author of this blog) saw it in several sources (chats, groups), and decided to make screenshots of my offices myself, and write about it to you.

They promise a big update, and everything may be, a data failure that can be restored through the support service. Here is a link to our article OneLife News, OneCoin, Dealshaker, November 2019.

Information Dach GLG

All Onelife partners urgently need to create and save a screenshot – a copy of the dashboard/overview page of each account. If there are amounts in CoinSafe, they also provide this with a copy. This must be done for each account. This is a safety measure because a major update is expected in the company. This applies to accounts at the following addresses:

  • www.onecoin.e
  • (Dealshaker only affects active accounts).

Please proceed to this lesson immediately. This should be done before the end of November.

Important information for Onelife partners 11/28/2019

News from Dach GLG

We know from the press how the trial with Konstantin is going. We cannot and will not comment on this since we are just an IMA, not an official company. We are grateful that the ONE idea was launched and continue to actively support ONE. Tradability and usability should be provided at the local level in each country. Both franchisees and loyal IMAs will contribute to this. Now it is important not only to continue to realize our vision but also to actively support it. As soon as additional information appears, we will contact you shortly – Dach GLG.

This article was created based on OneLifeStyle telegram chat.

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